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Here's a walkthrough on how to get through one of the Romulus lairs with full synchronization in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. IGN's YouTube is just a taste of
So as I was playing through the game I didnt tend to bother too much with flags and such, i noticed theres a few inside the Lairs of romulus and i think i got most of .
All my videos will be STORY spoiler free AND HD! These are NOT guides to show you the Borgia flags/Treasures, just getting to the Romulus treasure .
There are five "secret areas" in Brotherhood, each Romulus lair flags on the map assassin unique Romulus lairs that challenge the player with the most difficult platforming in the game. Here's how to get .
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I have every flag in the game except like 1 or 2 from each lair of romulus, wow. I tried going back to one of
im trying to complete all the lair of Romulus but I cant find one of them I follow the icon on the map but Romulus lair flags on the map assassin all I find are these three tents ive looked everywhere does .
How the hell do I get into it, am I stupid? . If its that one that has the shafts going down into the ground with water at the bottom, you have to fix all the .
Hey this is a Romulus Lair on Assassins Creed Brotherhood. This is the Catacomb Di Roma lair. The challenge to get Full Syncronization is to Complete the .
The Lairs of Romulus were secret locations scattered throughout Rome, most of which housed the Followers of Romulus. Each lair possessed a shrine dedicated to Romulus .
This is my favorite Lair because it has a little of everything: a fight, a chase, an underground jubilee(?), and horses that actually gallop! At 1:45 I break my own .
All my videos will be STORY spoiler free AND HD! :: Location Included! :: Wolves Among The Dead Catacombe di Roma Locate the
Action & Adventure > Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood . Hey I just got all the flags in Rome and noticed that I still needed to get a few . Leader of the pack
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