Levaquin and afib

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Liver Damage and Liver Failure Associated with Multaq. If you are a patient who has experienced paroxysmal or atrial fibrillation (AFib) or atrial flutter .
I'm on two blood thinner &two AFib meds seens like over kill I had a stroke in April I was LIPITOR - BYSTOLIC - QUINAPRIL - HTZD (water pill) BP & CHOLESTEROL were .
I was curious if any clinical trials have reported severe skin reactions following a full prescription to levaquin, and what the shelf life of this .
Toprol-XL catheter ablation, angioneurotic edema, afib, toprol, cardiologist I had an afib attack a few years back & was diagnosed w/WPW. Had catheter ablation. afib .
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Health Issues > Allergies . I posted a couple months back with a real dillemma. Was very lightheaded and dizzy . Quote: Originally Posted by Weavor Its strage how .
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I have been diagnosed with AFib. I am on Cardizem Levaquin and afib and Lanoxin plus one aspirin a day. Can you explain what this medication does and why I can still expect to have .
Section Contents Menu. MedWatch The FDA Safety Information and Adverse Event Reporting Program; Safety Information; Safety Alerts for Human Medical Products
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