Beating life insurance test for nicotine

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Just found out my buddy needs to take a swab test for smoking to get a life insurance policy, he needs help beating it. Any ideas? (And no judgmental, moron
Best Answer: The actual enzyme that is detected (by a blood test) that reveals the prescence of nicotine in the system is called cotinine and is detectable for .
No matter whether you smoke it, chew it, get it from a patch or take a drag from an electronic device or hookah pipe, tobacco use can be costly to your Beating life insurance test for nicotine health and .
I'm not sure if this works for swab tests, but goldenseal works in 100% of the cases I've heard of for urine tests. It works by absorbing the nicotine from the .
Either urine or swab. They are both looking for the metabolite of nicotine - which is cicotine - and that can last up to 3 to 5 days in urine and up to three days for .
zonnic nicotine study, university of otago, wellington, new zealand. Life Insurance testing for nicotine. How long does nicotine stay
Best Answer: Nope, no way to beat it. Sorry, he'll have to pay smokers rates. Which makes sense, because if he lies on the application, it can void out the policy .
How Do Insurance Companies Test for Nicotine?. A nicotine habit can wreak havoc on your overall health and significantly shorten your life. So it isn't surprising .
I quit smoking in 2002 and indicated such information on a recent life insurance application. Last Saturday, I was at a wedding with a few old friends and had
I have an upcoming blood test for life insurance. I am not a heavy smoker ( approx. 8-10 cigarettes weekly) How Beating life insurance test for nicotine do I rid the nicotine from my system??? I just smoked .
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